scan0025-5 Flea – written and performed by Paul Hawkins

A spoken-word storytelling journey written by Paul Hawkins, based on three years he spent occupying properties in London. FLEA tells the story of several characters and a chain of events that began 1990 in the (in)famous squatted community of Claremont Road in Leyton east London.

Claremont Road was a final bastion of resistance to the building of the M11 Link Road. The street was almost completely occupied by protesters except for one original resident, 92-year old Dolly Watson, who was born in number 32 and had lived there nearly all her life. She became friends with the anti-road protesters, saying “they’re not dirty hippy squatters, they’re the grandchildren I never had”.

Flea is a powerfully unpredictable, vivid and exhilarating tale of living outside the noose of regular life and the visceral journey that unfolded.

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