The Fridge

fridge on streetThe Fridge – by Simon McCormack, Directed by Gemma Alldred

‘The Fridge’ is Simon McCormack’s first play. It tells the story of three addicts. It tells the story of betrayals which lead to a moral bankruptcy. It tells the story of another day gone teribbly wrong. It tells the story of a fridge.

Glads, Nita and Ash’s days are an endless tightrope walk of drugs, the ways to get their hands on them, and the rooms they take them in. An overdose sends the group into an abyss. Stripped of any significant connection to the outside world they are forced to take ever more extreme decisions in order to feel normal.

This is a provocative and darkly comic play. Taut, fast, and absurd it throws a moral cadaver on the slab and attempts to determine the cause of death. Directed by Vita Nova’s Gemma Alldred, and performed by Charmaine Szecowka, Lee Hart & Gary Pierre ‘The Fridge’ will be the first play staged at No.11 Roumelia Lane.

WARNING – This performance contains themes of an adult nature including violence and representations of drug use. We do not recommend the shows as suitable for people who are easily offended or under 18.

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