Livestock – Billy the Kid– His Life in Music – Thurs 11th


Devised, Written and Performed by Rex Horan & Chris JohnstonTwo men claim to have known Billy the Kid personally. To have
ridden the Western trail with him, participated in gunfights and survived. Unfortunately none of this is true. In an attempt to achieve notoriety by association, Albert and Baz have concocted an evening of (false) reminiscence that from the opening moment, fails to convince. Nevertheless, with music, electronica and re-enactments of moments from cowboy history, this is an evening of entertainment accessible to all.

Venue: Shelley Theatre
Date: Thursday 11th September
Time: 7.30pm
Audience Info: There are adult themes, there is swearing and some comedy torturing of a teddy bear. 75 minutes

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Imagine, if you can, the tale of legendary cowboy Billy the Kid’s life and death told by two (youngish) men pretending to be very, very old men who were actually friends and contemporaries of our hero. What is more, the story is told through the medium of music, comedy and experimental theatre. Weird? Absolutely. What might come as a surprise though, is that the entire experience is a completely glorious theatrical treat that makes its own utter mad sense. Livestock’s latest production is a mash-up of vaudevillian comedy double act, fantastic music and song narrative and some imaginative performance choices which, taken together, make for a sublimely hilarious event. Ian Wilkie, University of London

‘Billy the Kid is a wonderful piece for audiences with a penchant for good music mixed with a story of a (warped) piece of history.’Steven Brett, Director, The Nightingale, Brighton

‘An excellent show. I loved almost everything about it – the music, different musical genres, interaction between the performers, particularly the falsetto bits. The hat-juggling and borrowing instruments from audience is wonderful.’ Sophia Kingshill, Writer

‘The best show I’ve seen on the Brighton Fringe this year – and probably last year too’, Jason Lever

‘Intricate, funny, inventive, virtuosic, thoughtful and at times rather poignant. An absolute treat.’ Colin Ellwood, Lecturer, Rose Bruford College

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About Livestock

Livestock is a performing arts company based in Brighton. It’s led by Chris Johnston and Maggie Gordon-Walker. The company makes shows and runs workshops.  One of its projects is Mothers Uncovered, a programme of interactive and participatory activities for new mothers. In the past the company has presented a number of original shows including The Naked Truth, Sun Damage and the Seven Lessons of George Howard show at the Pleasance London and elsewhere.

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