Victoria-Little – Anti-Anniedote – Fri 12th

Anti-AnniedoteA young woman’s experience of living with mental health conditions awarded the 2013 Theatre Graduate Prize by York Theatre Royal.

The performance draws on her personal experience of Depression, OCD and Anorexia.  Vicky describes it as “an honest, candid and satirical account of mental illness, showing a person remembering how to be human; living with two minds and two bodies.”

Venue: Vita Nova

Date: Friday 12th September

Time: 2.30pm

Audience Info: Some mild swearing, Biological Descriptions, Medical References, References to sexuality/ womanhood/ fertility, Mental Health, Anorexia, Depression, O.C.D. 30 minutes.

Reserve your seat

An Auto-biological Production
Mentally and physically in collaboration with Annie
Produced, Written, Lived and Performed By Victoria Sharples

A.B.C, 1.2.3, YES, NO, EAT: This is a person remembering how to be human; living with two minds and two bodies, she was a divided individual. This is a girl growing into a woman; this is a performance of coping with the norm. An honest, candid and satirical account of mental illness! This is her hating her ‘own kind’. She asks ‘am I a freak?’ She SHOUTS yes! More than a performance, Awkward Annie is a personal documentation of a girl who is working on herself to blossom as the woman she has always dreamed of, and who is trying to accept her beautiful imperfect humanity. “I create performance which bridges the gap between the private and the public. Awkward Annie is a singular interpretation of this illness, but I embody a mass of slender-silent-struggles. If this production can help one person, then my performance is well worth it!’’ This was my journey. My production back to sanity…A performance to reunite myself…back to my-self; one bite at a time Not an offering or solution to a resolution; but an honest account of me and her, me and my ‘Annie’… my creative stepping-stone to ‘banish the itch!’

About Annie

I am to seek beauty in ugliness, the logic behind chaos and the fun in tragedy. Thinking and doing, laughing and crying, I strive to fulfil…

…explore and learn

What it REALLY is to be…


…It’s not in our nature to be satisfied,

We can never stop…


Hunt the element that embodies every being.

Fascination…of human activity and emotion, the small and big things that make life peculiar

Never wish to overlook a situation with empty thought.

Crave raw emotion and human perception.

To absorb the world…disprove distinctions between reality and imagination…

and…learn to wait for knowledge.

Take the years, the moments…dedication.

Test myself…

To hide from ‘the aim’, would be and easy torture.

My pursuit lies in the unexpected.

I indulge in the suffering of exploration…and to pursue the madness behind truth.

Experience, patience and naivety enable Theatre making that says a lot… about nothing and… Nothing about a lot

Want to Know More?—events/news—events-home/news/news-archive/news-archive-2013/york-performer-recognised-with.aspx


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