‘Keel’ – Olivia Lockwood and Laura Henry (A Collaborative Duet)

Keel‘Keel’ is a captivating duet, which invites you into a world filled with visual beauty and astounding imagery. You will feel and savour every second of this duet. The performers possesses a real emotionally surging power, ringing true to their unique relationship, developing it’s own sense of permanence within you. ‘Keel’ reaches out to all hearts and will leave you with a fondness and an array of emotions that will stay with you beyond this experience.

Venue: Vita Nova
Date: Sunday 14th September
Time: 15.30
Audience Info: 25minutes

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A magnetic energy flows freely and the pair unwittingly becomes almost a reflection of the other. Making choices, adjusting and growing together. Indeed, in such a relationship, part of the ability to maintain the energy levels for magical effect is perhaps in not allowing that energy to run to earth through natural means. Without one there cannot be the other, they are a trembling vessel attempting to remain stable enough for the other.

‘Keel’ explores first and foremost an inexplicable bond that has been found then formed into a spiritual agreement and meeting.  Our initial motivation to begin working on a duet, came from the text ‘Anam Cara: Spiritual Wisdom from the Celtic World’ by Author John O Donahue, which we both mutually had

experienced and appreciated as individuals.  Anam Cara: Spiritual Wisdom from the Celtic World offers an exploration of the secret universe we all carry inside us, the connections we forge with the worlds of our friends and loved ones, and the products of our worlds reflected in the things we create outside of ourselves. We both recognized and connected with this notion instantly, in the same way we had connected with each other inside of a dance environment. Our unexplainable trust we placed in one another without really knowing each other was what interested us the most, and thus we have positioned this inside of our work to generate a real sense of risk, clarity and spiritual connectedness. The movement material is fundamentally contact based, most of the material has been devised through accessing our intuition via various modes such as, meditation, improvisational tasks and developing set movement together. We worked this way in order to keep the relationship between us strong, but also to explore the world we carry within us as individuals. Our question for one another, is how can we exist within this world together, how do these worlds collide together to form a compromise and understanding? Therefore we focus a lot on how far we can push  ‘mirroring technique’ with our bodies, we form striking still positions together, and then attempt to make the transitions look seamless and surreal.

Artist Info

Olivia and Laura are two Professional South West based Dance Artists, who are involved heavily with Exim Dance Company and the Dance Community in and around Plymouth. Olivia graduated with a First Class BA Hons in Dance studies and trained in contemporary Dance in London. Laura graduated from Plymouth University with BA Hons in Dance Theatre and Performance in 2013. Since working together on the company’s most recent work ‘Desiderium’, (Choreographed by Olivia) the duo found a common ground in their ideas and creative exploration of contemporary dance in the studio, and decided to begin collaborating. Our interest and training derives from Contemporary Dance Technique, but more specifically our work collaboratively focuses mostly on the use of Contact Improvisation as a tool for generating material. Within our work we attempt to integrate concepts such as striking imagery, visual illusion, whilst creating architecture in the space using only each other to create these structures.

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Our work has been well received by all the audiences we have performed it to so far, therefore we would suggest the work is suitable for all ages and levels of understanding of dance.

The general feel of the work we create evokes a beauty but hints at darker, mysterious undertones, which hold the audiences interest through out. Visually we are both attracted to creating work that alters an audiences state of perception and draws them into a spiritual realm that is guided by subtle but soothing scores and enhanced by lighting and production support. The overall presentation of the work we hope will be almost hypnotic, causing the viewers perception to shift.

To be Specific, audiences interested in: Dance, Art, Imagery, Theatre, Live Performance, Photography and Film, will defiantly be able to really appreciate what we are doing.

We have shown the work at Exeter Respect Festival and at Exeter Ignite, and it was received extremely well.

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