Poets of Loss – Collective Encounters – Friday

poets of loss1Poets of Loss: a short animated moving opera telling the story of a 21st century soldier returning home from war

Venue: The Workshop@Vita Nova
Date: Friday 12th September
Time: 17:00
Audience Info: The projected opera will be followed be a Q and A with the project lead and a participant of Collective Encounter’s ongoing homeless programme. Not suitable for under 12’s due to the issues raised. 40 mins.

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Directly derived from grass-roots work with homeless people and ex-service personnel Poets of Loss tells the story of a man finding solace in his dying moments. A soldier returned from war, he cannot reconcile himself to civilian life, or forget the atrocities he has been party to. This genuinely moving opera exposes the tragedy behind the ex-service men and women who make up a quarter of Britain’s homeless community, and tells the stories of the other people whose lives and homes have been destroyed through debt and economic circumstance.

About Collective Encounters

Collective Encounters is a professional arts organisation specialising in theatre for social change through collaborative practice.

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