Trash Talk – Aca Theatre – Thursday 11th

aca theatre

Trash Talk: “The Price is Always ‘Expensive’!…”

Roll up and welcome to the fantastical world of the Buffoons!! A crazed unearthly and heavily opinionated bunch, here to tell you what is wrong with your society… but I wouldn’t take them too seriously.  Become the audience of a one-time spectacle-ous talk show. One that confronts and teases our propaganda-fuelled culture with colourful poignancy – games, sugar paper, kazoos and coins! This is a unique show not to be missed!

Date: Thursday 11th September
Time: 4.30pm
Venue: The Workshop @Vita Nova
Audience info:‘Trash Talk’ is a show suitable for all ages and anyone who has ever wondered about the thing that we call money.
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This show is set at the fantastical Mr Avarice Q Jigglesworth’s talk show ‘Trash Talk’. Gradually as guests come and go, it becomes clear that Mr Jigglesworth is at the bottom of the Pecking order, and the show is coming apart at the seams. This buffoon performance offers a critical look at modern day society coming through the eyes of the buffoon-outsiders, looking in on the world. It poses questions about themes such as greed, the cost of education, and the misuse of money. It does not try to offer solutions. But in a simultaneously funny, endearing and grotesque confrontation from the creatures, it touches on some poignant issues and attitudes that should be questioned.

About Acá Theatre

Acá Theatre – A cavalcade of physical-comedy that caters for all! We are a collective who strives to make witty, imaginative and technically stunning performances based on Jacque Lecoq’s techniques. Taking inspiration from movies, video games and art we aim to both entertain and inspire the audience’s imagination with fun, innovative, and highly physical narratives. Our performances are energetic, full of flavoursome characters, and infused with tongue-in-cheek bizarre!

The company formed in 2012, and started performing locally in Canterbury where they are based. They have since taken two shows to the Edinburgh Fringe. Their work grows out of playful experimentation with minimum space, carton mime, clowning and buffoonery.

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