YaMa – Water’s Edge – Sunday 14th

Experimental Performance at Falmouth UniversityThe Water’s Edge is a place where two worlds meet; For the fishermen the water is their workplace, for a crab it is a home. In a time when our relationship with food is more complex than ever with the world’s ingredients on our doorstep, Water’s Edge brings our sense into the present moment as we explore the smaller stories of a wider debate.

Venue: Factory Studios (Courtyard)
Date: Sunday 14th September
Time: 13.30 & 17.00
Audience Info: The performance will contain preparation of crab meat.

Reserve your seat (coming soon)

Water’s Edge is a durational performance that lasts the length of time it takes two performers to pick the meat from a crab. The act of preparing a crab is graphic, as one by one its legs are detached from its body. During this task-based process a soundtrack is played of instructions from a walk along the water’s edge and through a fishing town. The audio assembles ideas and experiences of living by the water, from the perspective of men from the fishing industry.

Once the crab is prepared, and audio journey completed the questions that are provoked from the piece can be discussed over the crab as the performance transforms itself into a conversation.

The piece addresses our relationship with meat tracing the process from nature to culture.

About the Artists

Akitsu Yamagishi and Nathaniel Mason Formed [YaMa] in 2011 at Falmouth University studying Theatre. Since then they have experimented with performance, live art and installation.

Through a socially engaged practice they aim to uncover cultural mechanisms. They look for processes of transformation and moments of change in the everyday. By re-presenting those in a performance they aim to let the action or process re-make its own meaning away from its habitual environment.

YaMa have performed in a range of festivals around Cornwall including V-Connect and Fal River Festival. They have also collaborated with the performance companies Social Interruption and gohappen performing in AMATA Festival and Ventnor Fringe.

Want to Know More?

Website – http://yamaperform.weebly.com/waters-edge.html

Twitter – https://twitter.com/yamaperformance

Video – https://vimeo.com/89570043

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