Andrea Maciel – BODY MANIFEST – Sun 14th

Andrea Maciel Body Manifest


A body narrative on the latest street protests in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil for the Passe Livre (Free Passes). After the big marches in my City I had my body engraved with images impossible to be translated into words. This performance is a catharsis of this experience. It is an open space to share the fury of this public body on manifest.

Venue: The Workshop @Vita Nova
Date: Sunday 14th September 2014
Time: 13.30
Audience Info: Film exhibiting street violence on protests. 25mins.

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Body Manifest is a body narrative on the latest street protests in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil for the Passe Livre (Free Passes).

Everything started when the bus fares suffered a raise. This was not unusual. The arbitrarily attitude on changing and restrict access on public services was a kind of common sense. But something had changed. Maybe the proximity of world cup and a city being invaded for millions of investments while people struggle even harder on public services. Maybe just the repetition of corruption, mistreats and daily oppression. The public body was about to burst and explode like a bubble of pain and grieve for human rights.  One million went to the streets and a very unusual thing happened: majors of Rio and São Paulo back off with the fare raise.

It was June 17 and I was among that huge and beautiful city body full of anger, life and vitality. The smell of gas gave me an eye infection that lasted one week but more intoxicating than the gas it was to be a eyewitness of policemen throwing bombs, tear gas, rubber bullets on everybody present on the streets and later watch the main media largely broadcasting the damages on Rio centre area due to protests vandalism.

The movement just grew. After this big march many others came. The discussion in the streets turned to be very interesting again. What is vandalism? Who are the vandals? What can people do other than manifest? What is the police force function? What is broken? Some glass doors or peoples trust on democracy?

We went to streets not just claiming for a back of on the bus fare raise but asking for a free pass. The right for the city is claimed.

During the protest some voices, gestures and actions got into my mind/body and never left me. I had to do something with it. This performance is about this speech that was so intense for my experience that I had no words to described.

With some protest image projections I create a body narrative on some actions from this Street Manifestation: the falling bodies, the masks, the poison, the fury.

This performance is an outflow and a catharsis of this experience. This performance is to share the fury of this public body on manifest.

About Andrea Maciel

Andrea is a Dance performer, choreographer, teacher and scholar. Her academic/ artistic work investigates the physical resonance of space in urban landscapes through dance, performance and installations. She has a PhD in Performance for UNIRIO with a visiting scholarship at NYU. Currently she is conducting a postdoctoral research “City’s body writings” at Bristol University.

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