Pulmón Danza Teatro – Cuando se rompe un Danzón – Sun 14th

octavio pulmonHow thin is the line between love and addiction. This story explores the relationship of two people and its rupture. Their memories. Their past and their present. Their usual routine and the violence generated, accumulated, deteriorating them, pulling them together but apart. Making them addicted to the past, their memories, the violence, to themselves. Making them addicted to something that is not there.

Venue: The Workshop @ Vita Nova
Date: Sunday 14th September
Time: 16.05
Audience Info: There might be a moment where the shirt is ripped off. But no nudity or swearing. 15 minutes

Reserve your seat 


About Pulmón Danza Teatro

The duo are two Mexican performers who came together after working together in an improvisation mode. Decided to create dance performances for different festivals in Mexico and other parts of the world. Constanza is a dancer and Octavio a theatre maker. The work that the emerging company creates is on the line of dance theatre.

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