KERB – Jane Cartwright

kerbKERB written & performed by Jane Cartwright


Kerb is the story of the kerbs Jane Cartwright has sat on throughout her life. Beautifully written, it is funny, excoriatingly honest and disturbing, and follows her life from toddlerhood to full-blown addiction.



My name is Jane

I sit legs apart

I am undone through years of my own unraveling


Kerb is the incredible second spoken word show by Jane Cartwright, following up on a very successful year since her debut show ‘St Anne’s’ at Boscombe Fringe 2013

About Jane Cartwright

Jane is a poet, storyteller and spoken word performer now based in Bournemouth. She has been working with Vita Nova for over five years. Jane’s life took many twists and turns and after 28 years of drug addiction and alcoholism arrived in a Rehab.

She is a mother, widow and a voracious lover. Jane is Dual Diagnosis and has been in and out of the Mental Health System most of her life. She is a survivor and writes hard-hitting, honest grit-lit for page and stage. Jane has had her work published in the Clean anthology and performed at Festivals, Charity Events a Psychiatrists Convention, the Royal Opera House and in her local manor.


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