Our Stories Will Remain – Vita Nova

our stories will remain1Imagine waking up surrounded by strangers, in lost land, with no way out and no where to go even if you could leave.

Imagine leaving your home, and walking. Walking,  sleeping, walking. The days pass until no-one even remembers why anymore.

All that is left, are our stories, and they will remain long after we’re gone.

Venue: Vita Nova
Date: Thursday 11th at 2pm &Sunday 14th 2014
Time: 6pm
Audience Info: some swearing, adult themes.

Vita Nova present an original production, written and performed as a collaboration between our writers and actors, this is a surreal journey dipping into the real life experiences of the cast. Directed by Gemma Alldred

Developed from writing created during a week long course with the Arvon Foundation, the show takes us on a storytelling spectacular, with an original score from Scott Lavene

This is a funny, heartfelt show, peppered with the darker moments of reality. So come and join us, as we tell our stories, sing our songs, and weave a little magic.


“I remember the dust covering…. smothering me. It was hot, it’d been like that for days. No one seemed to know where we were headed anymore, but we just kept walking.”

“Same, sometimes a boat, sometimes a lorry, but always moving…”

“That’s right. Sometimes it seemed like someone knew something, so we’d keep going, like there was hope, that it’d be okay in the end……”


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