Verbal Remedies – Spoken Word Sunday

verbal remedies

Venue: Cellar Bar @ Chaplins
Date: Sunday 14th September
Time: 2pm

Reserve your seat


Founder of Verbal Remedies, Legski began writing MC lyrics for hardcore in 2009, and as much as he loved it, it was a path that had a life span. In 2011 he accidentally stumbled across an event called Freeway Poets, and everything changed. The passion and depth within lyrics that were laid before him on the stage that evening inspired him to take a different musical path, and since then he has been fuelled by a passion for poetry. That’s where verbal remedies comes into play, the event started in July 2013 and has just been expanding ever since, by establishing this network we hope to try and bring spoken word to the masses, and as a generation, re-define what poetry is. Armed with the witt and cynicism of any self respecting scouser, he has a diverse style ranging from putting the kettle on, all the way to two lads being killed in a drink driving accident. He’ll make you laugh, he’ll make you cry, and everything inbetween.

Shaun Gary Palmer (SGP)

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the man, the legend, SGP. Armed with a guitar and an extensive vocabulary, Shaun is an exceptional mammal and phenomenal artist, with reflective lyrics that allow you to look into his soul using your ears, plus if you look closely at his sleeve, you’ll see he is wearing his heart on it. A natural artist, making the transition between singing & spoken word look effortless, Shaun represents everything we stand for. He came a close 2nd in the BoomTown 2014 Slam, and stormed to glory by becoming the 2014 Purbeck Folk Festival Slam Champ, in the process performing to one of the biggest crowds poetry has ever seen, his word arranging abilities will live with you for many moons to come.

Steve Biddle

Founder & Compere of Poetry Corner at The Miramar Hotel, and responsible for organising the Bournemouth Circle of Poets, Steves words carry grace and finesse and he has an ability to encapsulate an entire room, regardless of the demographic within it, all while wearing the finest of waistcoats. A finalist in the 2013 Bournemouths Poet Laureate competition, and fresh off his new book launch, Steve has toured the festival circuit for the last couple of years, all of these experiences are going to contribute to a wonderful set, and it is guaranteed to leave you speechless.

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