Festival Gallery 2013

Summary Report

BFF 2013 Evaluation Report_ FINAL

Flyers and Posters

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Selected Feedback 

The work on Friday night was stunning. It was wonderful to see Simon’s ‘The Fridge’, and to hear Jane and Paul’s pieces. The quality of the writing – its honesty, bravery and commitment, alongside excellent performances –  was superb. Paul and Jane stood so firm on stage, holding the space with such confidence.  It strikes me that the support you have provided has taken their work to another level and it is already oozing through the walls of the new theatre space in Roumelia Lane. No doubt it’s been a tiring time preparing for the weekend but it feels like the Boscombe Fringe should be an annual event! It gives artists a vital platform for their creative work and to grow with you – both in individual’s artistic work, but also self- confidence. This you already know – and it was great to feel it and share the evening with you.

– Becky Swain, Arvon Foundation

Whilst writing The Fridge I could only imagine the dramatisation. Characters and voices were  malleable. Images were fluid. The stage was between my ears. After many re-drafts it was finished, but not finished.

The script was taken in hand by the director and actors. During rehearsals they lifted the words off the page: wore them on their bodies, in their actions, moved them around the stage, gave them hard edges. After many rehearsals it was finished, but not finished.

Opening night was packed. The audience sat shoulder to shoulder, and almost within touching distance of the actors. Sat with them, I heard the gasps and the laughter, saw people lean forward with anticipation. And after the applause, I listened and took part in conversations about what had happened. Emotions and thoughts were discussed. Ideas were fluid. The stage, the actors and the story they told, were now a part of other people’s stories. We closed the theatre door for the night, finished, but not finished.

-Si McCormack, Playwright ‘The Fridge’ & Vita Nova Writer in Residence

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