The Fridge

Directed by Gemma Alldred, Written by Si McCormack

I am in recovery myself and I felt that it was very in depth what you did as I know some people like each of you….


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What you conveyed in the writing was great. In addiction there is in fact a real tenderness to it and a real emotion in that situation. There is also an awful humor which you conveyed so well. There is this big unknown about addiction and they just believe what they see in the newspaper. I am so happy that you guys conveyed that part of that story. I was crying when they killed him because it was so…lovely. In an unusual way. It was conveyed perfectly.


Extracts from the Play

Nita: (grabbing screwdriver and holding it to Glad's ear) What did you do?

Glads: Nothing. I did nothing . . . I tidied up.

Nita:  I'm gonna plant this in your ear.

Glads: Ok. No, ok. Stop a minute. Ok. I did what I could. He took the rings to sell. Steady. Steady now. He's 
the one - we - need to stick. I did what I could. What could I do? No. No. I did nothing. No. I helped him Nita. I'm sorry. I helped him. Please. I'm sorry. Put the screwdriver down, please. He'll be back. I've got a little gear left. You can have a bit. A small one. After me.
Glads stuffs a sock in his mouth, and with a struggle tips Ash's head back by holding his chin and forehead. Nita approaches with a syringe and injects Ash in the neck. They wait twenty seconds.

Glads: He's still breathing.

Nita: Give it a minute.

Glads: He should have gone over by now.    Can't we strangle him?

Nita:It’s gotta look right. He’s still breathing.

Glads: I’m not giving him anymore drugs.

Nita: (putting ear to Ash’s chest) I can hear his heart.

Glads: I'm cooking up. For me.

Nita: I’ve had enough of this.

Nita finds and unrolls some cling film. She then stands above Ash and pulls the cling film tight over his face.


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