Vita Nova presents Boscombe Fringe Festival 2014

We’re back for 2014! Totally inspired by what we achieved and the feedback we got in 2013, we’re hosting the second Boscombe Fringe Festival, but bolder, bigger and better! This year the festival will span 4 days and 4 brilliant Boscombe Venues, we’ve asked artists from around the UK to come and join us and showcase their work, which has all been curated around social themes, many of which are relevant right now, to us here in Boscombe.

Why a Fringe Festival?

Because we’re based in Boscombe, one of the most vibrant areas for emerging artists in the Bournemouth conurbation.

Because we believe in creating a venue which can offer workshops and performances relevant to the community we want to serve and open dialogues with.

Because we work with some really exciting people, with really interesting voices and we want to give them a platform to be heard.

Because we believe in access to the arts for everyone, which is why we are keeping all events free of charge* – if you like what you see, then we encourage you to pay what it’s worth! Because we want to give a platform to showcase work being produced by exciting new artists from further afield and in doing so inspire local talent and share good practice. You can read Vita Nova’s Artistic Statement here


About Vita Nova

Vita Nova is an community arts organisation based in Boscombe. Our radical model works with people in recovery  from addiction and mental health, equipping them with skills in the arts which can then be shared in ways which give back to the community and promote progression back to employment.


What we do

We provide workshops in music, writing, spoken word and performance skills to both the recovery community and the general public. All our workshops are led by professional artists and Vita Nova associates who have received training and ongoing mentoring as part of our associate artist development programme. We work extensively with young people to educate them to make informed and empowered choices is demonstrated through our longstanding commitment to work in schools and youth centres, providing workshops and talks. We help develop and produce creative work generated by our associate artists.


* We’re keeping it free to encourage attendance by people who may be curious, or may not have much spare income, or don’t really see much art. We think the work on show is worth money and so instead we ask that if you can afford to, and you like what you see that you “pay what you feel it was worth” on your way out.

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